Attention Dentists and Dental Hygenists: Free Insurance Policy Review

Why you need your insurance policy reviewed by an expert:

There's what insurance brokers promise.  And then there's what your insurance policy will actually cover.

For those who work in the dental profession, it's important to know the difference before you have to file a claim.

If you currently have a disability insurance policy, submit your policy information through the form below or call 800-868-6069 to schedule a no-cost review of your policy with DarrasLaw founder Frank Darras.

Unfortunate scenerios we've seen with insurance policies:

  • Tricky policy language that renders a claim invalid.
  • The broker made a promise that wasn't included in the insurance policy contract.
  • As a dentist, you're in a "dual occupation" role as both a practitioner and business owner, a distinction that matters in certain insurance policies.

About DarrasLaw:

DarrasLaw has recovered nearly $800 million in wrongly denied insurance benefits on behalf of its clients. The law firm was founded by Frank N. Darras, recognized as one of the Top 500 Lawyers in America by Lawdragon.

DarrasLaw's mission is simple:

To ensure that dentists and dental hygienists receive the benefits they are rightfully owed by their insurance carrier.

What you get in a free policy review:

  • Plain English: Frank Darras will personally review your disability insurance policy and get on the phone with you to explain the policy in plain English.
  • Learn about red flags: Frank will explain the features and benefits of the contractual policy and address any "dangerous" language - language that could stand in the way of your otherwise rightfully owed benefits.
  • Just a half hour: This conversation typically lasts just 30 minutes, but could ultimately save you much more in both time and money in the event that you or one of your employees becomes disabled.

Why we serve dental professionals:

  • Should: Billion-dollar insurance companies should make their policies easy to read, but often don't.
  • Must: These companies must do a better job before it ever comes time to file a claim.
  • Ought to: Insurance companies ought to be held accountable for failing to help their customers.

If you work in a general dentistry practice, for example, you understand the common risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the neck, back, and shoulders, as well as in the arms and hands. And, while rare (relatively speaking), you know that dental professionals also face the very real risk of infectious disease.

Disability is a very real risk in the dental profession.

We serve all 50 states.

With nearly $800 million recovered on behalf of people who were wrongly denied insurance benefits, DarrasLaw has earned the title of America's Top Disability Firm. Although we serve dentists and dental hygienists in all 50 states, our attorneys take a personal approach with every client we serve.

DarrasLaw battles insurance companies throughout the country to secure payouts for policyholders. We have the reputation and skill to successfully litigate claims anywhere in America, whether your policy is with a huge insurance carrier or a small, local insurer.