Berkshire Life Insurance Company

Has Your Valid Claim For Berkshire Life Disability Benefits Been Denied?

A subsidiary of Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Berkshire Life Insurance Company provides individual disability insurance to individuals and employers. The company markets its own policies as "paycheck protection" as any disability insurance policy should be.

Unfortunately, Berkshire policyholders are often wrongfully denied disability claim benefits and in 2014 many fought Berkshire out of court in the claim appeals process.

If the company has denied you this protection after a valid disability benefits claim, our team of top-ranked, nationally-recognized disability attorneys is here to help. At DarrasLaw, we review thousands of insurance policies each month and have already recovered nearly $800 million on behalf of insureds just like you. Call 800-458-4577 today for a free consultation or contact our law office online.

If Berkshire Said No To Your Valid Claim For Disability Benefits, You Have Options

For the corporate employees, government workers, accountants, lawyers, doctors and other Berkshire insureds who thought they had the disability coverage needed to protect their paycheck in case of serious injury or illness but who were denied deserved benefits, we are here for you. Our disability lawyers can help you fight back and obtain coverage after the wrongful denial of a valid claim for benefits.

During your disability benefits claims process, was your claim unreasonably delayed or denied by Berkshire because of any of the following:

  • Persistent demands for more information regarding your claim?
  • Assertions that medical records or other documentation needed to support your claim for disability benefits were never received?
  • The use of a biased paper review to deny your claim repeatedly by Berkshire?
  • Undefined key terms in your policy that Berkshire used against you, such as "own occupation" versus "any occupation" coverage?
  • Retroactive cancellation of your disability insurance coverage, also called a rescission of your insurance policy?
  • A refusal or failure to consider medical evidence that supports your claim for disability benefits?

If you are a professional with disability insurance through Berkshire, it is important to present a full and complete picture of your situation in your initial claim for benefits. For doctors, dentists and lawyers that may include reporting your pre-disability capacity for work such as the number of clients and patients you were able to see or surgeries you were able to perform to accurately report your material and important duties. An experienced individual disability attorney can help you compile and present a thorough claim for Berkshire LTD benefits.

Immediate Disability Insurance Help Is One Phone Call Away

We offer immediate help with disability claims at DarrasLaw. We know that a disability can suddenly and unpredictably impact your income and we are here, ready to assist when you need us. Call 800-458-4577 today to schedule a meeting with a nationally-rated top disability lawyer from DarrasLaw.

We offer free policy analysis to anyone considering taking out a disability insurance policy with Berkshire Life Insurance Company.