Long-Term Disability Insurance

At DarrasLaw, America's top disability firm, we can handle matters related to both individual and group long-term disability insurance claims.

While individual insurance is issued to a single person, group disability insurance is, as the name implies, issued to a group of people. More often than not, that group is made up of employees working for the same employer. Group disability insurance policies offered through employers follow substantially different rules than individual disability insurance policies. We address those rules at DarrasNews.com.

Not all group disability insurance policies are offered through employers though. Some are offered through organizations to members of the organization. Self-employed professionals in some fields may group together for disability insurance purposes.

Do You Have Individual or Group Disability Insurance?

As part of the free disability insurance policy analysis our lawyers will provide to you, we will determine whether you have individual or group disability insurance. Perhaps you have both. In many situations, people buy an individual disability insurance policy not as a standalone, but to supplement group insurance policies. With more than 100 years of experience on our side, we know how to manage simultaneous claims with multiple disability insurance policies, even if the policies are administered by different insurance companies.

Free Consultations — Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim Attorneys

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