Thinking About Hiring A Disability Lawyer?

Top 10 Disability Insurance Tips

A Denial Of Benefits Is Not The End Of The Road. We're Here To Help.

You paid your premiums on an individual policy or received a group long-term disability policy and now you need to collect benefits. But your insurance company denied your claim. How can your carrier do that? What can you do to fight back?

At DarrasLaw, we have recovered nearly $800 million in wrongly denied insurance benefits on behalf of our clients. An experienced, top-rated disability lawyer can make all the difference in your appeal.

Here are 10 things to consider when you are choosing a disability insurance attorney to help you secure your benefits:

Know The Right Time And The Cost

1 - Should I consult an attorney before filing my claim for disability benefits? Yes, it is important to work with an experienced long-term disability lawyer from the beginning of your claims process. Your insurance company will ask for information that, if answered incorrectly, may be fatal to your claim. A top disability lawyer can help protect your rights and benefits while timely meeting the demands of your insurer.

2 - How much will it cost, upfront, to hire a disability lawyer? At DarrasLaw, we offer free consultations and free policy analysis. When we are hired as your disability insurance lawyers, we do not get paid unless we recover benefits on your behalf.

3 - My claim for long-term disability insurance benefits was denied. Am I too late to seek legal assistance? If you received a claim denial letter, you should contact a disability attorney right away. If you purchased individual disability insurance, you may not need to appeal. If your policy is covered under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), you must appeal and very strict time limits apply.

Choose The Best Disability Lawyer To Handle Your Benefits Claim

4 - What experience does this attorney have handling disability insurance cases? At DarrasLaw, we review thousands of new claims each month. We know the tactics insurers use to wrongfully delay or unreasonably deny claims; we are advocates for our clients' rights to insurance benefits even when the insurer says no.

5 - Has this disability insurance attorney successfully handled cases like mine? At DarrasLaw, we have recovered nearly $800 million in wrongfully denied insurance benefits on behalf of our clients. We are here to help you get the benefits you paid for and rightfully deserve.

Understand Your Right To Disability Benefits

6 - Is it necessary to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and long-term disability (LTD) insurance benefits simultaneously? Many disability policies require that you seek SSDI benefits during the time you seek LTD benefits. At DarrasLaw, we will help you understand the duty to cooperate and your responsibilities under your LTD policy.

7 - My long-term disability insurer is demanding to be repaid from my SSDI benefits. Do I have to do that? Long-term disability carriers have inserted language into their policies requiring that a person turn over any SSDI benefits to the LTD carrier. At DarrasLaw, we offer free policy analysis to ease the confusion and we will advise you of your rights under your policy when you apply.

Stop The Insurance Company's Delay, Deny Or Terminate Cycle

8 - Is your insurance company "playing fair" in evaluating your claim for disability benefits? Some insurers will ignore or minimize medical evidence that supports your claim for benefits, some may try to prove that you are not disabled by hiring the "paparazzi" to tape you doing everyday activities like shopping or taking out the trash, and some may try to bury you in an endless stream of paperwork, all to delay or deny your benefits claims. At DarrasLaw, we are all too familiar with these tactics.

9 - Are you tired of dealing with your LTD insurance company? At DarrasLaw, we will act as your representative in all matters related to your long-term disability insurance claim. You will no longer have to deal directly with your insurer; your carrier will have to come to us first.

Last, But Not Least

10 - The insurance company will have an army of attorneys on its side. You deserve the same in your corner. Engaging a top-rated national disability insurance lawyer to assist you in the pursuit of benefits sends a strong message to your insurer that you will not be pushed around and that you will not take no for an answer, at least not without a fight.

When you contact DarrasLaw, you have nothing to lose and only necessary benefits to gain. Our skilled, highly-rated attorneys make up America's Top Disability Law Firm. If you have questions about long-term disability benefits, including pursuing benefits or appealing an initial denial of benefits, we are here to help.

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