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September 2012 Archives

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Racecar Driver Avoids Injury in Failed Attempt at Championship Win

Racecar driver Will Power recently failed a third attempt at a championship win. Just 55 laps into the IndyCar race, he lost control of his vehicle when it hit a seam in the lower side of the track; he was at the lower, inside part of the track because he had problems with a mechanical issue with his racecar. He was uninjured but failed to make up the lost points for the win.

Injured Professional Athletes Returning to Play Too Soon

When professional athletes are injured, whether during a game or practice session, there is a lot of pressure to return to the game quickly. Lost playing time means lost money and possible wins.

NFL Provides $30 Million for Concussion and Brain Trauma Research

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries have been getting a lot of press in the past few years. Medical research has shown that athletes of all ages are suffering from concussions at a higher rate than previously thought. Researchers recently announced that studies show that National Football League (NFL) players are at a greatly increased risk of dying from degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS).

Patient Dumping and Emergency Care Under the Affordable Care Act

For decades, a large portion of our nation's total cost of healthcare is attributed to the cost of providing emergency care to patients who lack insurance or another means to pay. For 25 years, any hospital receiving Medicare funds has been required by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act to provide at least a minimal standard of care for anyone who shows up at its emergency room, regardless of ability to pay.