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October 2012 Archives

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Why 'Generation Y' might want to pay for disability insurance

Paying for disability insurance is likely close to the bottom of the list for young professionals these days. It is hard enough to find a job that pays enough to support oneself, a family and to pay back the student debt that so many young workers and families owe. Why would paying for disability insurance be a high priority?

In disability claim cases, even knowing who to sue can be tough

Because of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) employees who suffer a significant injury or illness have the right to request short term disability from work in order to secure their job in the future. However, the FMLA and other disability policies are not always clear to employees, and that confusion can lead to problems. In one case of a former AT&T employee, the worker was granted short term disability, but when she needed an extension her request was denied. She was still unable to return to work and was fired. Citing protection granted by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), she filed a lawsuit against the company she had worked for, a major corporation, but her case was dismissed.

Minor stroke can have major effect on working condition

There isn't just one level of a stroke. Many people likely know someone who has suffered from a stroke and, therefore, understand how the medical event can change a person. Very serious strokes can be fatal. When they are not, they often leave a person unable to speak, with some sort of paralysis, memory loss and many more life-altering symptoms.

Emergency Care Lacking for Immigrants under Affordable Healthcare Act

As mandated by federal law, hospital emergency rooms are required to evaluate and stabilize any patient that enters their waiting rooms, even if they have no way to pay for those procedures. However, the presidential healthcare overhaul known as the Affordable Care Act has stuck a blow to undocumented immigrants who once relied on the emergency room as a place where they were guaranteed medical attention.