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November 2012 Archives

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Getting older is no excuse to neglect getting disability insurance

People are working into an older age these days. That awaited retirement at the age of 65 is now basically just a memory. Most can't afford to stop working at that point. This recession-related reality brings to light a disability insurance matter: older workers need to protect their futures with disability insurance plans, too.

Disabled veterans frustrated by long wait for benefits

Service men and women are increasingly disabled during our modern wars, rather than suffering fatal injuries. Our armed services have better body armor and better medical care in the field so injuries which once would have been fatal, are no longer. The downside of the increase in injury survivability is that more veterans are coming home to California with either temporary or permanent disability.

New data shows the value, complexity of disability insurance

In a recent post on our blog, we made a note of data that outlined a problematic trend: fewer and fewer young adults are safeguarding their futures with disability insurance policies. Various factors, ranging from costs to changing styles of work for young professionals have attributed to a lessened interest in what could later prove to be a lifesaver.

Breast cancer keeps fewer people from their work than years ago

Awareness around breast cancer is likely at an all-time high in the U.S. With Breast Cancer Awareness month just behind us, the threat of the disease is fresh in all of our minds. Cancer is more than a reason for football players to wear pink; it is a life-changing condition for those who survive it.