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December 2012 Archives

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Could bullying lead to mental disability among workers?

Bullying brings to mind the picture of girls picking on each other in the schoolyard. Or even a more current idea of bullying would be teenagers virtually picking on each other through Facebook. A new study places bullying in sort of the adult version of a schoolyard: the workplace.

Who is responsible for the disabled during natural disasters?

For California residents with physical and mental disabilities, simply navigating everyday life can be a huge, difficult challenge. So what happens during a natural disaster that comes on suddenly and leaves mass damage in its wake? How can people with disabilities survive such situations and the long recovery period that comes after?

Parents of disabled may have more need for disability insurance

Parents love their kids, no matter what. Still, certain circumstances can make parenting extremely stressful. High levels of stress do not make for less love. Stress might, however, mean that parents of disabled kids particularly should consider buying disability insurance.

Court rules that 9/11 disability claims were wrongfully denied

Even more than a decade after the attack on the World Trade Center many people still live with the pain of what happened. Lives were lost on that day, but they were also lost or compromised in long-term aspects.

Does stigma of mental health problems keep some from help?

For someone to admit that they have a disease such as cancer or Parkinson's, it is perhaps emotionally difficult. Still, reporting those health problems comes with less negative stigma attached to it than what comes with someone saying, "I suffer from depression."