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March 2014 Archives

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Officer's disability insurance claim denied on technical grounds

If you've worked at your job for any length of time in California, you probably think you deserve your disability pension. Some companies and businesses will fight your disability pension claims, though, especially if you've been fired, like in this case. According to the news, a fired Dickson City police officer has lost his fight for a disability pension that he claimed was wrongfully denied.

Disability insurance costs affected by many health concerns

It doesn't matter if you live in California or another part of the country, you have the right to purchase disability insurance. While some people buy coverage on their own, others receive a policy through their employer. Either way, this can come in handy should you be hit with a disability that keeps you from working.

Disability insurance fraud case grows bigger

No matter if you are one of our California readers or live closer to the story in New York, you may be keeping up with the news regarding the many New York City police officers and firefighters who have bee charged with social security disability insurance fraud. While investigators have been working on this case for almost two months, they have not slowed down in terms of arresting those who were involved.