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Video: Should I Submit to a Field Visit?

Most people working with an insurance company to secure long-term disability benefits are unfamiliar with the process and what is necessary to be successful. The lack of understanding concerning these issues could lead you to agree to unnecessary things such as field visits. While you may think that consenting to visit of this nature will help you're your claim, the reality is, agreeing to a visit could do more harm than good.

VIDEO: What are Offsets?

While long term disability policies may be of assistance to individuals in some situations, there is often more than one place from which a disabled individual could receive benefits. Workers' Compensation, Social Security and State Disability Insurance could also be available. Individuals who have long term disability policies should know that any benefits received from these other sources could offset their monthly disability benefit.

VIDEO: Should I Turn Over Documents to the Insurance Company?

If you are working with your insurance company to get the long term disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled, you may be unsure of how to go about things. As a result you may believe you need to turn over all of the documentation they request. This is not always necessary and caution should be taken before doing so.


The term ERISA is one many people have likely heard. Short for the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, despite having heard the acronym, many people may not be aware of what it is, and how it affects them.

VIDEO: How can DarrasLaw help nurses?

There is no question that nurses play an important role in the recovery of many people who seek medical attention. Unfortunately, the devotion many have to their patients can place their own wellbeing at risk. When a nurse becomes ill, or is injured, and unable to perform the tasks associated with the occupation, they may be unclear about their options. Individual disability or group disability coverage may provide much needed benefits.