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June 2016 Archives

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Partial Disability vs Total Disability: What's The Difference?

Your level of disability can determine what kind of insurance benefits you receive. How do you know if you're partially disabled, totally disabled, or not disabled at all? In the latest video of our Disability FAQ series, we explain what each policy definition mean and how they relate to your occupation and potential benefits.

Hybrid insurance options to cover long-term care needs

Virtually no financial adviser will tell you it's a bad idea to save for retirement, and everyone wants to be able to enjoy his or her golden years. One thing that can derail those years, making them financially difficult for you and for your loved ones, is an illness or injury that lands you in a long-term care facility. To avoid debilitating debt that can come when traditional medical insurance fails to cover long-term care situations, many people invest in long-term care insurance.

Vietnam vets should consider Agent Orange disability claims

Vietnam vets who were exposed to Agent Orange during combat might have access to disability benefits under a program that provides benefits to those who are dealing with illnesses linked to the substance. According to one Veterans Administration service officer, the list of diseases linked to Agent Orange is always growing.

Do I Need A Lawyer's Help With My Claim Forms?

If you are filing a long term disability insurance claim, you may be tempted to complete the forms on your own. However, these forms are designed to be confusing and ambiguous, which makes it easy to make fatal claim mistakes. In this video, we explain why expert legal advice is essential to successfully completing your disability claim forms.

Disability definitions do have limits

In California, individuals are often protected by both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The first is a federal law and the second a state law. To sue an employer under FEHA, a person has to qualify as a disabled person. While qualification is sometimes obvious -- a court isn't going to question the disability of someone who is blind, for example -- there are instances where the courts held that someone was not actually disabled.

Disability FAQ: What Is A Functional Capacity Evaluation?

If you're filing a disability insurance claim, your insurance company will probably ask you to submit to a functional capacity evaluation. In this video, we explain what to expect during this evaluation and how it may affect your claim.