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Filing A Disability Benefits Claim? It's Time To Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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It is no secret that social media activity can negatively affect your insurance claim, but there is one social network that is often left out of the conversation: LinkedIn.

However, a federal judge in California recently rejected a retired stuntwoman's lawsuit seeking disability benefits from the Screen Actors Guild's pension plan, due in part to her LinkedIn activity.

According to Bloomberg BNA, the SAG plan and the judge justified the denial of benefits in part by pointing to the stuntwoman's LinkedIn and IMDb pages, which showed her to be working regularly despite her claim to suffer from disabling depression.

Insurance companies use social media to uncover information that may conflict with or contradict information presented in your insurance claim. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles provide revealing personal information because they are used more frequently, but LinkedIn profiles are illuminating for opposite reasons.

Your LinkedIn profile is a digital resume you provide to the other 450 million+ registered members worldwide, whether it is to connect with others in your field or to link you with greater professional opportunities. However, since LinkedIn profiles are not updated as often as other social media accounts, you may unintentionally provide the insurer with misleading information about your ability to work.

If your profile still states you're working at your previous job or makes it appear you're available for another job, insurers will note this. To them, it looks like you are advertising to the world that you are able and active in the current job market.

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Source: Bloomberg BNA, "LinkedIn Posts Help Defeat Stunt Woman's Benefits Claim", Jacklyn Wille, November 7, 2016

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