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Do I pay taxes on disability benefits?

It can be somewhat confusing for most people to determine whether their long-term disability insurance benefits are taxable. Disability benefits may or may not be taxable depending who made the premium payments and whether those payments are deductible.

Social Security disability insurance (SDDI) benefits may be taxable; the IRS provides further explanation of when these benefits may or may not be taxed.

Individual disability insurance policies

If your benefits are coming from a private disability insurance policy, then the benefits are typically not taxable. This is because the premiums are usually paid with after-tax dollars.

This also means that you are not eligible to claim the premiums as a medical deduction when filing your tax return.

Group disability insurance policies

If you are of of the millions of Americans with an employer-provided long-term disability insurance policy, then taxability of the benefits would be based on who pays the premiums.

If the employee pays the premiums using after-tax income, benefits are tax-free. However, if the employer pays the premiums, benefits are taxable. If you and your employer split the premium costs, you will also split the tax liability.

This means that only the benefits that can be attributes to the employer-paid portion of the premium are taxable, while benefits attributed to your premium – paid with after-tax dollars – are tax-free.

However, taxability differs if you – the employee – use pre-tax dollars to pay your portion of the premiums. For example, if  you use money earmarked in a medical reimbursement or cafeteria plan to fund the premium, your disability benefits are taxable.

Have questions about your disability claim?

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