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Holiday travel: insurance tips for a safe, worry-free trip

Frank Darras appears on Health, Wealth and Happiness to discuss how to protect against common travel woes during a holiday trip.

The countless snags you could encounter with your travel plans can be expensive. There are numerous travel insurance options for everyone and every way we travel that can ease the worry those expenses bring.

There are additional ways to protect yourself from the stresses of travel, year-round, before you even leave home.

Quote from the show:

“There is a very modest premium for real peace of mind, and it can cover everything from reimbursing your nonrefundable expenses to plane tickets, train, bus, tour packages, hotel rooms … pretty much for everything.”

What you’ll learn:

  • How travel insurance can cover you before you even embark on a trip
  • Why you should opt for “for any reason” cancellation options when possible
  • 2% of all lost baggage remains lost; consider baggage coverage to compensate for your lost items.
  • Before you board, take a picture of what’s in your bag; it can help you create an itemized list if your luggage is not recovered.
  • Don’t carry cash, cameras, jewelry and other expensive accessories in your luggage. These items are easily excluded under airline reimbursement policies for lost luggage.
  • Write down your ticket number, passport number and insurance policy number before you get ready to travel.

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