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Hartford Insurance Disability Claim Denials

Are You Disabled But Unable To Collect Insurance Benefits From Hartford?

The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. is a huge enterprise; it had total revenue of more than $26 billion in 2013. Huge insurance carriers understand that they can often increase profits by denying legitimate claims or giving policyholders the runaround. If you believe your disability claim has been treated unfairly by Hartford Insurance, we can help.

At DarrasLaw, our team of disability attorneys includes Frank N. Darras, America’s Top Disability Lawyer. We have the knowledge and the litigation experience to handle your denial of benefits and fight for the coverage that you need and deserve under your disability policy from The Hartford. Our top-rated disability insurance benefits lawyers handle:

  • The application for short-term or long-term disability benefits from The Hartford Group
  • ERISA litigation related to the denial of Hartford long term disability benefits
  • The appeal of a denial of Hartford disability insurance benefits
  • A lawsuit related to the improper, wrongful or bad faith denial of individual disability benefits by Hartford

Contact our law firm today for immediate assistance with your Hartford insurance disability case. We work with individuals across the country who need help after The Hartford Insurance wrongfully withholds, denies or terminates coverage under a disability policy.

Don’t Play Hartford’s Disability Denial Games. Call DarrasLaw Today.

The disability attorneys at DarrasLaw make up The Nation’s Top Disability law firm. We are not afraid to take on large disability insurance companies who wrongfully deny needed and deserved disability benefits to insureds, including Hartford Insurance.

The Hartford Insurance Group has been known to employ a variety of tactics in delaying, denying, devaluing and terminating valid disability coverage claims, include:

  • Presenting exhaustive requests for medical records to the insured while delaying the receipt of needed disability benefits
  • Requiring a lengthy in-home interview or claims review by a Hartford investigator of a disabled claimant who simply needs access to deserved disability benefits
  • Requesting an Independent Medical Exam (IME) or a paper review by another doctor chosen by the Hartford who will never even examine you
  • Questioning your doctor independently, without notifying you, via a mailed questionnaire in an effort to secure an admission that you are capable of some form of work and should be denied your disability benefits

These are just some of the tactics The Hartford is known to employ to delay or deny legitimate disability benefits. Our disability attorneys are reviewing new disability denials every day, staying on top of the ways insurers attempt to line their pockets by collecting premiums but denying coverage. If you believe that your claim for benefits was wrongly denied, unduly delayed or the Hartford Group acted in bad faith in devaluing or terminating your claim, contact DarrasLaw today.

If You Were Denied Disability Benefits By Hartford, Contact DarrasLaw

Our nationwide disability attorneys handle cases in every state, against any insurance company. We are here to assist and fight for your disability benefits when your insurer has let you down. Already, we have recovered nearly $1 billion in insurance benefits on behalf of our clients.

For a free consultation, contact DarrasLaw online or at 800-458-4577. If you are considering taking out a long term disability insurance policy with The Hartford, please contact us for a free policy analysis.

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