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If you experienced injury or illness due to a work-related incident, the last thing you need is to worry about your finances. Struggling to pay medical costs and bills while away from work shouldn’t be a factor in your healing process. However, workers’ compensation does not cover some problems that develop from injury or sickness. The following will strive to provide a brief explanation of how workers’ compensation works at an insurance company like The Hartford Financial Services Group, and what remedies you have if the process fails you. Our Hartford insurance claim denials attorney is also here to help you through the process. You do not have to go through this alone.

How The Hartford Handles Claims

If Hartford is your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier, they will advise the employer what to do if you are injured or become sick due to work. They represent your employer because they pay the premiums.

The first thing they’ll advise is to get you immediate care, provided that the provider is in the network of workers’ compensation specialists. As you receive the care you need, the employer files the claim.

The employer has a timeframe to file a claim, mandated by the state where the workplace incident occurred. Once the claim is filed, Hartford will contact the employer to notify them of the available coverage that the state and policy will allow.

At this point, the employer gets a claim number to give to you to provide the claim number to any medical provider rather than using your medical insurance.

Employees do not need to prove that their employers are liable or at fault to receive compensation.

They only have to exist in these parameters:

  • The injured person is an employee of the business.
  • The employee’s injuries or sickness were due to job-related responsibilities.
  • The employee was injured at the location of the workplace.
  • The employee’s sickness was produced because of the nature of the employment.

What Worker’s Compensation Does Not Cover

Although medical bills and wage loss are covered under workers’ comp, pain and suffering are not. Accepting workers’ compensation gives up the right to sue your employer for any additional costs related to your work injury or sickness.

Psychological issues stemming from your physical work injury and pain can result in extra compensation under workers’ comp. For example, if depression or sleeplessness occurs because of the pain, workers’ compensation may cover this.

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