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DarrasLaw is America's top disability firm. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects and all forms of disability insurance.

Disability insurance can be broken down into short-term disability policies and long-term disability policies. Policies may be offered through employers, which are referred to as group insurance. Policies can also be purchased by individuals as stand-alone policies or to supplement group insurance policies. Individual disability insurance policies offered through employers follow substantially different rules than group disability insurance policies, which we address in our ERISA section.

Expert Help at All Stages of Your Disability Insurance Claim

We offer free consultations and information about all stages of individual disability insurance claims:

Do you simply want to understand what your policy means and what you are entitled to? Have you only recently become disabled and need help filing a claim? Have you already filed a claim and been run over by the insurance company? Let us extend a helping hand.

Why You Need Our Help

Insurance policies are drafted in confusing and ambiguous terms. Some insurance carriers use contractual loopholes to delay or deny claims. Carriers like to hide behind the small print. These are only some of their delay and denial tactics.

In addition to injecting confusion into the process whenever possible, insurance carriers frequently resort to giving policyholders the runaround. Some will say that they never received claims documents and force the insured to resend. They will do this again and again. They know that disabled people have too much to deal with simply managing their injuries and illnesses. They beat you up and wear you down, hoping you will give up. Do not give up. Enlist an experienced disability attorney from DarrasLaw.

We built the largest insurance law practice in the country by helping policyholders ask the right questions and submitting bulletproof claim documentation to avoid the need for a lawsuit. However, if a lawsuit is needed, we will take serious, decisive action. We hold big insurance companies accountable. We get policyholders the benefits they paid for and rightfully deserve.

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Call us at 800-458-4577 or send us an email. Our insurance lawyers offer free consultations on all individual disability insurance matters. It is a different way to practice law, but when you get expert insurance advice for free, we know you are going to tell a friend. Earning policyholders' respect is how we built America's top disability firm.