Lincoln Financial/Lincoln National Insurance Claim Denials

Nationwide Disability Insurance Attorneys

Insurance companies make money by denying disability claims outright or convincing policyholders to settle claims for less money. Insurers also profit simply through delay tactics — they earn interest by "floating" valid claims rather than paying claimants in a timely fashion.

With a total revenue of $11.97 billion in 2013, Lincoln National Corp. has plenty of weight to throw around. Sometimes, that can mean that the little guys, like disability policyholders, may have legitimate claims denied in the interest of company profits. Lincoln Financial (Lincoln National), one of the leading underwriters of group disability insurance, has a disproportionate rate of denials and complaints of unscrupulous practices.

If you have had trouble with your long-term disability claim under a Lincoln Financial policy, DarrasLaw invites you to a free consultation. Advocating for disability claimants nationwide, we are the top disability law firm in the United States. We have recovered nearly $800 million in insurance benefits for clients.

Denied Insurance Claims From Lincoln Financial/Lincoln National

Lincoln National Corp. markets private disability and group disability insurance under the name Lincoln Financial Group. The company provides short-term disability and long-term disability coverage to more than 2 million employees through thousands of corporate clients.

Lincoln Financial has had more than its share of long-term disability denials, delays and terminations of legitimate claims. DarrasLaw has the ability to hold major insurers like Lincoln Financial and Lincoln National accountable for practices resulting in long-term disability insurance claim denial. We can address denials, disputes or questions arising from:

  • Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National delaying payment without justification
  • Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National failing to respond to policyholder requests
  • Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National sending endless demands for additional information
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME) by Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) by Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National
  • Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National failing to comply with ERISA regulations
  • Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National ignoring new medical evidence
  • Video surveillance of claimants by Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National
  • Lowball settlement offers from Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National
  • Misinformation about Lincoln Financial or Lincoln National policy terms

Successful Representation for Wrongfully Denied Disability Claims

Trial lawyer Frank Darras and his team handle a wide spectrum of long-term disability insurance claim denials, from a few thousand dollars to claims worth millions. We have an unmatched track record of forcing insurers like Lincoln National (Lincoln Financial) to fulfill their contractual obligations or face litigation for bad faith denial.

Our nationally renowned disability lawyers handle Lincoln Financial insurance claim denials throughout the U.S. Call us at 800-458-4577 for a free consultation, including a free policy analysis.