Lloyds of London Insurance Disability Claim Denials

Were You Denied Disability Benefits by Lloyds Of London?

One of the marketing tactics used by Lloyds of London in securing new insureds on its long term disability insurance coverage is the promise of a higher payout, although typically for a limited term, when benefits are needed. Unfortunately for some deserving policyholders, Lloyds of London has actually done the opposite, by denying their valid claims for disability benefits and paying nothing.

Some of these denied claims become public, like the $17.5 million lawsuit brought by Michael Jackson's estate against Lloyds for unpaid policy benefits. However, the vast majority of Lloyds of London disability insurance denials are quietly fought out of the courtroom. DarrasLaw has the experience, skills and resources to get you the money you deserve, whether it means negotiation or litigation.

At DarrasLaw, our team of disability attorneys is lead by Frank N. Darras, the Nation's Top Disability Lawyer. We have already recovered nearly $800 million in unpaid insurance benefits and we can help you appeal the wrongful denial of disability benefits by Lloyds of London. Call 800-458-4577 for immediate assistance with your disability claim.

Don't Be Stopped By A Lloyds Of London Claim Denial Letter

Although not technically an insurance "company," Lloyds of London disability denials often follow similar patterns to delay, deny or undervalue disability claims as other longterm disability insurers. At DarrasLaw, our top-rated disability lawyers can handle your disability dispute with Lloyds of London stemming from:

  • Policy issues, including interpretation of Lloyds of London policy exclusions, Mental/nervous limitations, definition of "own occupation" and "any occupation"
  • Medical records, including Independent Medical Exams (IME), Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), Attending physician statements, Lloyds of London medical consultants in the wrong medical specialty
  • Privacy matters, including private investigators and surveillance by Lloyds of London investigators
  • Followup documentation, including proof of employment, claiming requested materials were never received
  • Delayed processing of legitimate claims, including unjustified delays in benefits determinations, unjustified delays in paying claims
  • Termination of benefits, including unjustified termination, termination for late or missed premiums

Our Lloyds of London disability claims lawyers at DarrasLaw review thousands of claims each month. We know what new and old tactics insurance companies are using to delay the payment of benefits or wrongfully deny your claim.

Contact DarrasLaw For Immediate Help With A Lloyds Of London Denial

The disability attorneys of DarrasLaw have taken on large disability insurers and we have gone head-to-head with Lloyds of London to secure the disability compensation you deserve. We offer a free consultation and work with claimants nationwide who have been unfairly denied disability benefits by Lloyds. Call our law firm at 800-458-4577 or contact our team online for immediate help.

If you are considering taking out a long term disability policy with Lloyds of London, contact our law firm for a free policy analysis.