Mutual Of Omaha

Helping Policyholders With Mutual Of Omaha Disability Claims

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co. is a Fortune 500 company, ranking at 392 in 2014. Mutual of Omaha did not earn $359 million in profits during 2013 by gladly paying out every insurance claim. Some policyholders were wrongfully denied or delayed payment of short- or long-term disability (LTD) benefits.

If something like this happened to you when you filed a disability claim, the attorneys at DarrasLaw may be able to help. We have years of experience holding insurance companies accountable and ensuring that policyholders are paid their contracted benefits. Contact us for a free consultation about your case by calling 800-458-4577 or by contacting us online.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

At DarrasLaw, our attorneys use their years of litigation experience and knowledge of the insurance industry to fight for clients. We have no fear of taking on large insurance companies such as Mutual of Omaha. Depending on the circumstances, we can:

  • Determine whether your policy covers you only if you cannot work at all or if you are forced to take another position because of your disability
  • Make sure your job description and occupational information is accurate
  • Ensure that all medical evidence is evaluated properly
  • Fight for full payment of your valid claim
  • Identify violations of your rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • Ensure that any company-required doctor visits are with physicians in the correct medical specialty
  • Help you prepare you initial claim
  • Make sure that your doctor's notes fully describe your disability and show why you cannot work

Our attorneys do these things and more in our efforts to get you the benefits that Mutual of Omaha promised in its group or individual disability policy.

Call DarrasLaw After Problems With A Mutual Of Omaha Disability Claim

Our firm is staffed with experienced and compassionate attorneys and support staff. We know that being unable to work is a source of great stress. Facing additional challenges because your legitimate claim was wrongfully delayed or denied just adds to the stress and could interfere with your long-term prognosis. Clients rely on us to not only fight the insurance company effectively, but to do it in a way that makes their lives less stressful.

To learn how we can help with your Mutual of Omaha disability claim, contact our disability lawyers for a free consultation. Call 800-458-4577 or complete our online form to schedule your appointment.