Tips For Writing An Effective Long-term Disability Appeal Letter

Tips For Writing An Effective Long-term Disability Appeal Letter

Your long-term disability claim was denied. An appeal is your opportunity to get the benefits you deserve.

The following tips will keep your appeal on the right track.

Don't Panic
No one knows the details of your situation better than you.

Read the Denial Letter Again
Carefully review the details of the denial. The letter should also explain the information you need to include in your letter.

Gather Information
Request copies of your insurance policy and your claim file from your insurance carrier. Examine the documents for any incorrect or incomplete information.

Compose Your Letter
Create a list of the issues you disagree with the insurance company on. Next, provide documentation to support your position.

Ask For Help
Doctors and vocational experts are often happy to write letters in support of an appeal.

Provide Proof of Disability
Include documents for other benefits you are receiving, including workers' compensation benefits or Social Security Disability Insurance payments.

Include Your Friends and Family
Insurance companies hire private investigators in an attempt to catch you performing tasks despite your disability. Having written accounts from family and friends detailing your disability, treatment, and side-effects can be immensely helpful.

Meet All Deadlines
Appeal deadlines are "set in stone". Missing the deadline could mean going without the benefits you need.

Seek Professional Help
We have provided some important tips for writing your appeal letter. That doesn't mean you have to go through the process alone. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with America's top long-term disability lawyer.