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DarrasLaw is America's top disability firm, committed to handling all New York individual disability insurance matters. No matter how large or small your case is, we are here for you. Do you need someone to analyze your policy? Do you have a denied claim you need to overcome? Our attorneys can help.

Step 1: A free policy analysis. From that point on, we guide disabled individuals through the claims process, assist with appeals when appropriate and litigate with the assistance of local counsel in New York if necessary.

Saving You From the Small Print

The small print that fills insurance policies is there for a reason. It is there for insurance companies to hide behind. While they may seem to be on your side when you purchase your policy, you will find out that is not the case when you need to use your policy. They will point to the small print, finding any possible loophole to avoid paying benefits.

You could simply accept the denial and walk away without the benefits you need. That is what the insurance company would like you to do. Instead, we encourage you to fight back. We can help you make your insurance company work for you. Small print is not new to us. We know how to decipher it and close the loopholes, making it work for you. You paid for benefits. If your claim is valid, you should get them. We will work hard to see that you do.

Denial of a Disability Claim in New York

More than $800 million. That is how much we have recovered in wrongfully denied disability insurance benefits in New York and throughout the country. Our willingness to work hard and go up against the largest opponent earned us that success. We will work hard for you.

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We work hard to help people in New York get the disability benefits they have paid for in these cities and throughout the entire New York Area:

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