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January 2014 Archives

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Mental disorders common in many disability beneficiaries

There are many reasons why millions of Americans are forced to collect disability insurance benefits. Some only do this for a short period of time, until their injury or illness clears up. Others, however, are forced to collect long term disability due to a problem that continues to linger.

Long term care insurance addresses growing question

Many people struggle with the question of how they are going to deal financially if their significant other passes on. While this is a common concern, and one that is well worth the attention, there is another question that needs to be addressed: What will happen if somebody lives too long?

Lawmaker requests review of Social Security Administration

There is no denying the fact that the Social Security Administration has the best interests of the public in mind. However, just like any organization, issues come up from time to time. As a result, a top lawmaker is requesting a review of the Social Security Administration, following a number of serious disability scandals that have led to a variety of issues.

Reasons why long term care insurance remains unpopular

Despite the fact that many people understand the benefits of purchasing long-term care insurance, this type of coverage is relatively unpopular when you take the total population into consideration. Even though baby boomers are reaching retirement age at record numbers, and people develop more health problems as they age, this type of insurance is not being purchased at the rate that many would expect.

Lawsuit sheds light on disability insurance claim system issues

A 170-page whistleblower lawsuit against California's Employment Development Department recently obtained by the Los Angeles Times shows that an employee tried unsuccessfully to point out a multitude of problems in the EDD's new system for letting people file and monitor their disability claims prior to the system's implementation in the fall of 2012. The employee, whose job was to ensure that the agency's new software would work as designed, notified his bosses multiple times prior to the launch that the new system was "riddled with errors." He was removed from the project just before the system's launch.

The Impact of Social Security Disability Insurance Program change

While many people rely on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program to ensure that they can continue to live comfortably if injured, others realize the importance of also purchasing short and/or long term disability insurance.

Why small business owners should buy group disability insurance

Even though you may not be a human resources or benefits expert, as a small business owner it is important to learn as much as possible about group disability insurance. This is a benefit that has a lot to offer employees, as well as the well being of the company as a whole.