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Social Security disability fraud bust will lead to arrests

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When it comes to collecting Social Security disability, there are those who deserve the benefits as well as those who are looking for a way to scam the system. The same holds true with individual short and long term claims.

It doesn't matter if you are one of our California readers or live in another part of the United States, you will find this story to be of great interest. Federal and local authorities have plans to arrest 106 people on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2013, as part of a Social Security disability fraud bust.

As of Tuesday morning, several dozen people had already been arrested with many others expected to be taken into custody before 1 p.m. These arrests are being carried out in approximately 10 states throughout the country.

Along with the 102 people being arrested for Social Security disability fraud, four others who helped these people navigate the application and obtain benefits will also be arrested.

Federal and local prosecutors believe the scheme led to $24 million being paid out in fraudulent disability payments. A person familiar with the situation said that the defendants claimed they were unable to leave home or take on work; however, they had no problem leading an active lifestyle.

Disability fraud is a major problem, with scams related to the Social Security program taking a big toll. In fact, this has gotten so serious that it could lead to benefit cuts for everybody by 2016.

Anybody who is dealing with a denied claim has the right to hire an attorney to guide them through the process.

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