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May 2014 Archives

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Many NFL players pass on disability insurance

Football is one of the most dangerous games in the world, with players colliding at high speed with great impact on a regular basis. For this reason, injuries are extremely common. Despite the fact that injuries are a big part of the NFL, most players neglect against buying disability insurance.

How to calculate the amount of disability insurance you need

Long-term disability insurance, as we've discussed here before, is essential to keeping up with your financial responsibilities if you are unable to work for an extended period. Without a source of money to replace your income, the trauma of an injury or illness can be compounded by financial chaos.

Under ERISA retirees can use retirement savings to fund start-ups

Some retirees who aren't ready to spend their days golfing or gardening are choosing to invest their 401(k) plan or Individual Retirement Account money into a start-up business. There's a name for this: rollover-as-business-startup. With a ROBS, an entrepreneur can roll over an IRA or 401(k) into a 401(k) in their new company. That 401(k) can then buy stock in the business.

Disability insurance is essential for all California workers

Most Americans have many types of insurance to protect us in case of unforeseen events. We have auto insurance, health insurance and here in California, many people have earthquake insurance. Most people don't think they will ever need disability insurance. According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of workers put their chances of becoming disabled for several months or longer at just two percent or even less.

More insurance companies offering hybrid long term care

Many of our California readers, in the same manner as others in the United States, are interested in buying the appropriate amount of insurance. For those who are closing in on retirement age, or have already reached this milestone, long term care insurance is often a must.

Sheriff's deputies lead fight for group disability insurance

The availability of employer-provided long-term disability insurance is something that many people take for granted. However, in one Alabama county, sheriff's deputies are having to fight for insurance that will cover them if they are injured while acting off duty.