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July 2014 Archives

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Why are fewer employers offering group disability insurance?

Fewer businesses are offering their employees long-term disability insurance as part of their employer-paid benefit packages. Many are still offering employees disability insurance plans, but workers have to pay for the plan themselves. That means that fewer Americans have long-term disability insurance, leaving them at risk for financial disaster if they become ill or injured.

California Walgreens settles with former employee

Corporations know that they have to accommodate their employees with disabilities, like allowing a diabetic worker to take regular breaks to monitor blood glucose and insulin levels during the employee's shift and allow them breaks to eat properly so that their glucose levels remain stable. So it is quite unusual that Walgreen Co. fired an 18-year employee from the San Francisco area with no prior disciplinary record after her blood sugar levels plummeted while she operated the cash register, and she quickly grabbed a bag of chips to stabilize herself and avoid going into diabetic shock and having seizures. The employee was not trying to avoid paying for the chips; indeed, she paid for them at the end of her shift. Still, the company fired her for violating their policy of consuming food or drinks without paying for them.

ERISA panel investigating employer-sponsored plan rollovers

The U.S. Department of Labor's ERISA Advisory Council's announced this month that it is looking at why people are moving their retirement assets out of employer-sponsored plans such as defined benefit plans. The amount of retirement dollars moving out of these plans has gotten their attention.

A cautionary tale on merits of long-term disability insurance

A Seattle man is using his story as a cautionary tale to others who decide not to get long-term disability insurance. Although he was once a successful businessman working for a health care company and earning a six-figure income, he depleted his family's savings, had to sell his home and lost his marriage. Now, at just 47, he gets by on $2,000 a month in Social Security Disability Insurance.

More employers offering long-term disability insurance policies

Increasingly, employers are offering long-term disability insurance to their employees. However, according to the Council For Disability Awareness, the number of employees choosing to take advantage of this employee benefit decreased last year