Settlement reached in California vs. Anthem Blue Cross

Posted October 16, 2017

A settlement was reached in a California insurance lawsuit filed against Anthem Blue Cross, the Los Angeles City Attorney announced, alleging the insurance company illegally canceled coverage for more than 6,000 policyholders, denying them their individual disability claims and individual disability insurance policies. The lawsuit was filed in 2008 and initially sought more than $1 […]

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Disabled by Depression: Tips for Filing an Individual or Group Long-Term Disability Claim

Posted August 16, 2017

A common thread among individual and group disability insurance policies, particularly for private insurers, is the explicit or implicit requirement of physicality for disability claim approvals. Sometimes, this requirement is made explicit by the policy’s language, which may categorically exclude mental disorders and conditions. Other times, this need to list a physical illness or injury […]

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How Offsets Can Affect Your Disability Benefits

Posted July 7, 2017

Individuals who are eligible to receive long term disability insurance should be aware that any benefits received from other income sources could seriously reduce their monthly disability benefits. Offsets are policy provisions that permit your insurer to deduct other sources of income you are receiving or are eligible to receive due to your disability. These […]

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Understanding the Common Causes of Disability Claims (Part II)

Posted May 26, 2017

We recently explored five common causes of disability claims in honor of Disability Insurance Awareness Month. As we discussed in part one of this series, many Americans have misconceptions about what legally qualifies as a disabling sickness or illness. The Council for Disability Awareness reports that one in three women and one in four men […]

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Short-term or long-term disability — What to buy?

Posted April 28, 2017

If you’ve decided to secure disability insurance, you should take a moment to congratulate yourself. Prudence will pay dividends if an injury or illness keeps you out of work. You may have questions, however, about what type of disability insurance is best. Specifically, whether you should seek short-term, long-term, or perhaps even both types of […]

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Why small words take on such big meaning in the context of disability insurance

Posted March 22, 2017

When a person makes the brave decision to start his or her own business, it can prove to be equal parts exhilarating and excruciating. Here, the exhilaration comes from finally breaking free of an unfulfilling occupation and realizing a lifelong dream. The excruciation, on the other hand, comes from the process of getting the new […]

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You’re busted: Exposing more myths concerning disability insurance

Posted February 23, 2017

Whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded by an avalanche of consumer myths whose hold gets stronger with each passing day owing to everything from the internet to simple word of mouth. As unfortunate as this reality is, the good news is that these myths can be effectively countered by a consistent dissemination […]

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In Sales, The Money Is Good, Except When It Isn’t

Posted February 21, 2017

Sales representatives in high-paid industries, like the medical and pharmaceutical fields, know that income potential is very good. Sales can be a great career. On the other hand, if you are currently struggling to make quota – as nearly all sales reps do at one time or another in their careers – there might be another […]

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Why Long-Term Disability Is Important To Young Professionals

Posted February 6, 2017

Most people think of long-term disability insurance as something that only older people need, but that is a misconception that can leave a younger person in a serious financial bind. People’s brains are not really wired to understand risk. We ignore it, or we assume that it isn’t as serious as others would try to […]

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Filing A Disability Insurance Claim? Here Are The Dos And Dont’s

Posted January 18, 2017

The process of filing a long-term disability insurance claim can be tricky. While every claim provides its own unique challenges, many of these issues arise when claimants make seemingly small mistakes during the claim filing process. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that may help you bulletproof your long-term disability insurance claim. When […]

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