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Aetna Insurance Disability Claim Denials

Was Your Aetna Claim Delayed, Denied or Devalued?

In any one year, Aetna collects more than $30 billion in revenue. Despite what seems like an ability to pay valid disability claims, this insurer can and does deny coverage for valid long-term disability claims. If you submitted a claim for disability benefits to Aetna only to be denied at either the initial stage or after an appeal, you are not alone. We are here to help.

At DarrasLaw, we have recovered nearly $1 billion in insurance benefits on behalf of individuals just like you, individuals who thought they were protected in case of disability only to be gamed by their insurer and denied needed financial help. Contact our law firm online today or at 800-458-4577 for immediate help with your Aetna disability claim.

Did You Receive A Claim Denial Letter From Aetna?

The trial attorneys at DarrasLaw are not afraid of large disability insurance companies. We will stand by your side, as your advocate, as we pursue compensation for your wrongfully denied disability claim. Disability insurers are required to act in good faith and to deal fairly with their insureds; if Aetna has failed to meet its obligations by delaying, denying, devaluing or terminating your claim, our disability lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Whether you are covered under an individual or group disability plan by Aetna, our top-rated team of attorneys can help fight for the coverage you have paid for when it is wrongly denied during Aetna’s disability claims review process. At DarrasLaw, our attorneys handle disability cases nationwide that involve:

  • Delayed payments without justification
  • Non-responsiveness to your (the policyholder’s) requests
  • Attempts to bury you in a mountain of paperwork by sending endless requests for additional information
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME) by Aetna
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) by Aetna
  • Non-compliance with ERISA regulations on your group policy
  • Discarded or completely ignored new medical information that supports your claim
  • Video surveillance of you by Aetna
  • Offers to settle your claim for substantially less than you need or are owed under the terms of your policy (a ‘lowball’ offer)
  • Misinterpretation of the terms of your Aetna policy
  • Minimizing your medical problems that prevent you from working

A denial of group disability coverage by Aetna typically will fall under ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. ERISA is a federal law that, in part, governs employee-sponsored group disability insurance plans. ERISA was enacted to protect workers; however, it is often used by insurers to hurt disabled workers by denying valid disability claims. At DarrasLaw, we understand ERISA laws and disability insurance coverage.

Nationwide Disability Insurance Attorneys Fighting Back Against Wrongful Aetna Denials

If you were given the runaround by Aetna or received a denial of your valid disability insurance claim, contact our law firm today. DarrasLaw is America’s Top Disability Law Firm because we help people, just like you, everyday secure the benefits you deserve after becoming disabled. You held up your end of the insurance bargain when your disability premiums were paid. We will help make sure that Aetna steps up and holds up its end as well.

For a free consultation, contact us online or at 800-458-4577. If you are considering taking out an Aetna disability policy, call us for a free policy analysis.

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