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CIGNA/LINA Insurance Claim Denials

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable for Disability Policies

If you purchased disability insurance through CIGNA or its affiliate Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) but encountered problems when you tried to collect on a legitimate claim, you are certainly not alone. All insurance companies deny claims, but CIGNA and LINA have been cited by regulators for improperly denying claims and ignoring proof of disability.

Were you denied disability insurance coverage by a CIGNA Group insurer between 2008 and 2010? You may have be entitled to reevaluation of your claim and part of the $77 million set aside by the company to cover claims that were inappropriately handled by the nationwide insurer.

At DarrasLaw, we are very familiar with the tactics and tendencies of different insurance companies. We have helped thousands of clients stand up to insurance giant CIGNA and LINA to overturn denials of valid claims for long-term disability. We are nationally recognized as the top disability law firm in the U.S.

If your disability claim under a CIGNA or LINA policy has been denied, delayed or devalued, contact us for a free consultation. We handle claims and appeals nationwide for individual disability insurance and group long-term disability plans.

Experienced Attorneys for CIGNA/LINA Disability Claims

CIGNA is one of the largest underwriters of long-term disability insurance plans, through its affiliate company LINA (Life Insurance Company of North America). LINA recently settled with the California Department of Insurance in relation to an investigation of disability claim denials in calendar years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

The lawsuit alleged that LINA systematically denied certain types of long-term disability claims, often without reviewing claimants’ medical proof. Furthermore, the suit alleged that LINA ignored information that could have reversed the adverse decisions. In the California settlement, LINA paid a penalty of $600,000 and agreed to reopen all of the claims that might have been wrongfully denied.

Not every CIGNA or LINA denial is grounds for a lawsuit, but the California investigators revealed a widespread pattern and practice. If your legitimate disability claim — in any state or any year — was suspiciously denied, the legal disability team at DarrasLaw can review your case and pursue your remedies.

We are wise to the general tactics used by insurers and specific ways in which CIGNA/LINA has deprived policyholders of the benefits they deserve. We can address denials, disputes or questions arising from:

  • Interpretation of CIGNA or LINA policy exclusions
  • Definition of “own occupation” and “any occupation” in CIGNA or LINA policies
  • Independent Medical Exams (IME) by CIGNA or LINA
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) by CIGNA or LINA
  • Attending physician statements requested by CIGNA or LINA
  • CIGNA or LINA field interviews by adjusters/examiners
  • Private investigators and surveillance by CIGNA or LINA
  • Proof of employment requested by CIGNA or LINA
  • Return-to-work attempts
  • Mental/nervous limitations in CIGNA or LINA policies
  • CIGNA or LINA medical consultants in the wrong medical specialty
  • Late or missed premiums
  • Termination of benefits by CIGNA or LINA
  • Not returning policyholders’ calls or emails
  • Claiming they never received materials
  • Requests for “additional information” from CIGNA or LINA

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in Wrongfully Denied Disability Insurance Benefits

We fear no insurance company, including major insurers like CIGNA/LINA. We know how they handle claims, and we know what to do to assert your rights and hold them accountable.

Our skilled disability lawyers are experienced with CIGNA insurance claim denials, and we take cases throughout the United States. Call us at 800-458-4577. We offer free consultations on all matters, including a free policy analysis.

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