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People turn to DarrasLaw for assistance with all North Carolina individual disability insurance matters. We became America’s top disability firm by taking on all cases, large and small, and getting results. Whether you need an attorney to review your policy or you have already applied and been denied, DarrasLaw is here for you. We provide a free policy analysis, followed by guidance through the entire claims process. That may include appeals and litigation with the assistance of local counsel in North Carolina.

Did You Read the Small Print?

When you bought your insurance policy, it was because you trusted that the insurance company would come through and provide you benefits if you ever became disabled. You probably saw the small print. Perhaps you asked the insurance agent, who assured you that it was all standard and that it would not interfere with your benefits. Unfortunately, insurance companies often hide behind the small print.

We know what the small print means. We know that, in many cases, it truly does not give the insurance company anything to hide behind. That does not stop insurance companies from trying to hide, hoping that policyholders will simply give up. We encourage you not to give up. Let us help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

Denial of a Disability Claim in North Carolina
Recovered: Nearly $1 Billion in Wrongfully Denied Benefits

While we can handle all disability insurance issues, much of the work we do involves recovering wrongfully denied disability insurance benefits in North Carolina. We have achieved such an impressive record because we are willing to go toe-to-toe with the country’s biggest insurance companies.

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It’s our honor to help and represent disabled people who have literally fallen to the bottom of their lives. We encourage you to read and hear what they say about us.

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