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The irony is seldom lost on chiropractors: those who treat patients for back and neck pain often suffer from those ailments themselves. Years spent lifting, repositioning and manipulating patients can stress the body, ultimately leading to a career-ending disability.

If you have disability coverage, and you cannot perform your occupation as a chiropractor or you cannot perform all of your duties because of a disability, you can claim disability benefits. However, your disability insurance company may deny your claim or limit your benefits.

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Representation in Cases Involving Disability Claim Denials for Chiropractors

DarrasLaw can represent you, working to obtain disability benefits for you. As America’s leading disability claim law firm, we have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to successfully pursue benefits for you.

Many chiropractors are unfamiliar with the difference between ” own occupation” and “any occupation” disability claims. If you cannot perform your work as a chiropractor, your insurance company may provide benefits for only a limited time (up to 24 months) under the “own occupation” clause of your policy. After that time, it may insist that though you cannot perform your work as a chiropractor, you can still perform other work in a different occupation. This can be a real trap for a chiropractor, because chances are slim that the practitioner could ever earn as much in another occupation as he or she does as a chiropractor.

Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable about “own occupation”/”any occupation” disputes. DarrasLaw will work diligently to help you obtain benefits under the own occupation clause, and to enable you to continue receiving benefits under the any occupation clause of your policy.

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