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Cardiac Disabilities Attorney

Anything involving your heart should be taken seriously, and cardiac disabilities are no exception. Sadly, insurance companies often delay or deny disability claims involving the heart, leaving workers unable to make ends meet.

It can be difficult to work a steady job that pays enough to provide for your family while suffering from a heart condition. Even simple life tasks can be complicated by medications, doctor appointments, treatments, pain, and weakness. You may find that the physically demanding job you used to enjoy is no longer something your body will safely allow you to focus on. All of the issues make one thing clear: it is crucial to have your disability claim approved so you can get the benefits you and your family deserve.

A Cardiac Disability Does Not Have To Leave You In Financial Peril

Cardiac disabilities take many forms, including:

  • Heart attack
  • Prolapsed valves
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart disease

The symptoms may reduce your ability to work a job you have been doing for years, or stop you from changing careers or working more hours for better pay. Whether you are partially or totally disabled by your cardiac condition, you need to have a proven legal advocate on your side.

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