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Individual Disability Appeals

Overcoming a denied individual disability claim may require any number of actions, depending on the situation and the insurance policy itself. In most cases, the first step toward a resolution and recovery of wrongfully denied insurance benefits is an appeal. DarrasLaw brings more than 100 years of experience to the appeals process.

Recovered: Nearly $1 Billion in Wrongfully Denied Insurance Benefits

As America’s top disability firm, we have the resources to properly handle appeals. The insurance company will have its own lawyers and experts, ready to push back and fight to avoid having to pay your benefits. We come to these cases with equal strength, a nationally recognized firm with lawyers who handle these matters on a daily basis, ready to bring in our own medical and vocational experts to support our position.

An appeal involves a written response to the claim denial. To be successful, it must elegantly address the wide range of complicated medical, vocational and legal issues involved. Working with experts as necessary, we will put together an appeal that is designed to make it absolutely clear that you meet your policy’s definition of disabled and are entitled to benefits.

Other Courses of Action

An appeal is not the only course of action available when it comes to individual disability insurance policies. Typically, it is the course of action we attempt first, simply because it tends to be the fastest way to reach a resolution. Lawsuits, which tend to be a last resort, can take years. However, our firm features trial attorneys who are ready to take this step when necessary. In some cases, policies may specifically require other courses of action, such as arbitration. We have the experience to follow any path to success.

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