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Nurses must often perform difficult physical jobs that require mental acuity and concentration in emotionally trying circumstances. In addition, they are exposed to infection from needle sticks and other sources. The result can be a disabling injury, anxiety or depression, or an occupational disease.

At DarrasLaw, we are advocates for nurses who suffer disabling injuries and diseases. We provide results-oriented representation in cases involving denied disability claims and termination of benefits.

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Nationwide Representation for Nurses and Medical Professionals

DarrasLaw is America’s top disability firm. We are nationally recognized for our advocacy skills, experience and medical knowledge. We have the resources needed to represent you, including our own full-time medical consultant, as well as a vast array of physician experts and independent medical examiners we can call upon in complex cases. We consult frequently with vocational rehabilitation experts and financial consultants with expertise in complicated disability claims. Our law firm has experience challenging all of the major disability insurance companies and the resources to advocate vigorously for your rights.

Premature Termination of Benefits — Disability Claim Denials for Nurses

If you have disability insurance from your employer, you may have 180 days or less from the date of the claim denial in which to file an appeal. Get legal help today.

Are you a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Nursing Assistant or other nursing professional who can no longer perform your demanding occupation due to disability? If your claim has been denied or you have been told that your benefits will be terminated or limited to only 24 months, talk to a lawyer at our firm. If we believe that you have been treated unfairly, we can represent you.

Many nurses suffer from back pain, caused by repeated lifting of patients, repositioning them or moving heavy objects. Others experience severe emotional distress, debilitating mental conditions, or alcohol or drug dependency. Regardless of the cause of your disability, if it prevents you from performing your occupational duties, you need help. DarrasLaw will be your strong advocate, working diligently to help you get the benefits you deserve.


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