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Three Reasons Dental Professionals Need Long-Term Disability Coverage

As a dental professional, you keep a smile on your face every day at work. You are invaluable to your patient’s dental health and a key part of your office’s ability to maintain a smoothly running practice.

If something happens to you, it would not only be damaging to your dental practice, it would be a financial struggle for your family if you do not have solid long-term disability insurance coverage.

Dentists and dental professionals are at a high risk for suffering debilitating injuries. As one expert said, “The majority of dental hygienists are like slow motion train wrecks; their bodies are ready to derail without much provocation.”

Here are three reasons dental specialists need excellent long-term disability coverage:

1. Dentistry Can Be A Pain In The Neck

The positions that dentists and hygienists place their head, core, and even hands can contribute to stress on the spine. Shoulders, arms, neck, and the back are other areas of major health concerns. Extreme body pain can leave dental professionals unable to safely and effectively work, resulting in the need to file a long-term disability claim.

2. The Hip Bone’s Connected To The Back Bone …

As the popular children’s song “Dem Bones” points out, bones throughout our body are connected via a complex musculoskeletal system. Compensating for one injury can lead to additional injuries and debilitating complications. Cumulative and repetitive trauma may leave a busy Dentist or hygienist down for the disability count.

3. You Only Have One Set Of Hands

Extracting, filling, polishing, and other exacting dental work requires static head posturing and the frequent use of your hands. These occupational demands can, and do, expose dental professionals to the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

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