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Ask DarrasLaw: “Can The Insurance Company Demand My Tax Returns?”

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Every dollar matters when you are unable to work due to a disabling injury or sickness. When tax time rolls around the thought of producing your tax return to an insurance company is certainly distressing.

Is your carrier really able to do that? The long-term disability insurance company may be telling you that they are entitled to part or even all of your tax return, but you cannot afford to take their word for it.

Let an Experienced Disability Attorney Answer Your Questions

Before, signing an authorization form, or agreeing to anything verbally, it is in your best interest to listen to the wise words of Frank Darras. He is America’s Top Disability lawyer who has fought insurance companies across the nation on behalf of long-term disability clients.

Over broad authorizations and the requests for tax returns are frequently demanded by insurance companies, so be careful. Unfortunately, the carrier has language in most of their policies that allows them to ask for all your financial information because they want to see how much money you were earning at the onset of the claim and what other deductions you claimed.”Frank Darras

A Reminder of What You Have at Stake

We hope this serves as a reminder of just how important it is to have an experienced disability litigator protecting your legal rights. Matters involving your tax returns, financial records, and medical records can quickly intertwine. This may leave you looking for answers.

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