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April 2013 Archives

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Long-Term Care Premiums Sky Rocket As Claims Are Made On Policies

CalPERS recently announced that it expects to increase premiums on long-term care coverage by 85 percent over the next two years. With one of the largest long-term care programs in the country promising a dramatic increase in costs to insureds, it's very likely a harbinger of what's to come from private insurers who also offer long-term care insurance.

Proposed Law Tries To Get Disability Benefits To Soldiers Sooner

U.S. Representatives from Iowa and Pennsylvania have proposed an amendment to the Social Security Act that would exempt disabled service members from the five-month waiting period for Social Security Disability benefits. The Recovering Service Members Disability Benefits Act would not change eligibility criteria for SSDI benefits for returning military personnel, but would speed up the process of actually receiving financial benefits for those injured in a combat zone.

Mental Health Patients Denied Coverage From UnitedHealth Fight Back

Arbitrary limits on psychotherapy sessions for mental health patients has put UnitedHealth Group on the defensive. The New York State Psychiatric Association (NYSPA) and three individual plaintiffs have filed a class action lawsuit against the insurer for allegedly violating the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act by refusing to pay for necessary treatment for patients facing serious mental health issues, second guessing the recommendations of therapists actually involved in the treatment of those suffering from mental illness.

Alzheimer's costs sufferers, society as much as $215 billion a year

Most people cannot even fathom what one billion dollars means. What about $215 billion? It is an astounding number that is connected to the lives of many Americans. It is likely that every person at least knows someone suffering with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia. Collectively, the treatment necessary to help those with Alzheimer's costs the country as much as $215 billion.

Income at Risk - The Truth about Disability Insurance: Part 2

The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) released the 2012 Long-Term Disability Claims Review earlier this month. In a nutshell, the study found that while disability claims continued to rise, fewer working Americans are adequately protecting their incomes through disability insurance.

Income at Risk - The Truth about Disability Insurance: Part 1

When it comes to disability insurance, there are lots of rumors and misunderstandings that people have. From how to file a claim to what type of policy is best to the tricks insurance companies use to wrongfully deny claims, it can be difficult to determine the importance of this type of insurance. Furthermore, it can be extremely difficult to navigate the claims process and determine whether you have been wrongfully denied benefits.