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Grilling Safety is Important Year-Round

Regardless of the season, anyone thinking to use a grill, whether it is propane or charcoal, needs to take a step back and review proper safety measures. What would seem like an easy enough process, grill owners should think of their welfare along with reviewing their insurance policies.

According to Fox News, last year, ESPN’s Hannah Storm was injured when her propane grill exploded in front of her. While cooking dinner, the flame on the grill went out and Storm went to reignite it, not realizing that propane gas had pooled within the grill. The resulting explosion caused several first- and second-degree burns across her face and neck and meant she was off work for approximately three weeks (ESPN Hannah Storm Returns Three Weeks After Grill Accident, Fox News, January 1, 2013).

There are many causes behind gas grill injuries so anyone thinking to use a grill should always follow proper procedure: “Whether it’s assembly, use, maintenance, cleaning or storage, make your grill manufacturer’s instructions your go-to resource for safe grilling. If your flame goes out, turn off the gas and refer to your owner’s manual. At a minimum, with all grill models, keep the lid open and wait at least 15 minutes before relighting.” (Safe Grilling: Propane Education & Research Council, July 2014)

“Too many grilling accidents happen every year so I’m glad Hannah Storm was able to heal quickly and get back to work to help support her family,” comments Frank N. Darras, America’s top disability insurance lawyer. “Others who may have experienced similar accidents could be out of work for an undetermined amount of time while they recuperate, which is why disability insurance is so important. The benefits from a disability insurance policy can help keep an individual or family comfortable until the injured party can go back to work.”

Gas grill owners have many safety precautions to follow when it comes to propane grills, including relighting procedures. Not only should everyone follow grilling precautions but also, as with any potential risk, health insurance and disability insurance policies should be examined. The grill master is then aware of what to expect should anything unfortunate happen.

“While barbequing is an American tradition, too many incidents occur every year due to avoidable mistakes. Thankfully, Hannah Storm was one of the lucky ones and was able to go on a host the Rose Bowl parade but not everyone will be able to heal in such a short time span. No one ever expects their grill to catch fire but play it on the safe side and get in touch with your insurance agent to purchase a disability insurance policy. Grill safely knowing a policy is there to cushion you if things go bad,” says Darras.

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