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May 2013 Archives

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What Denied Claims Will Be Reviewed Under CIGNA Settlement?

We posted about the California Insurance Commissioner announcing a settlement with CIGNA Group insurers that involved long term disability claims filed by insureds in five states last week. Insureds in California, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Connecticut who submitted a claim for long term disability coverage to CIGNA Health CIGNA Health and Life Insurance Company (formerly known as Alta Health and Life), Connecticut General Life Insurance Company or Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA or CIGNA-LINA) that was denied or adversely terminated may be entitled to review of their claim.

Disaster Season Is Upon Us...Here's How You Can Prepare Now

As devastation storms the Midwest, it's become clear this week that disaster season is upon us. The fury started in North Texas last week when at least 10 twisters hit, leaving 6 people dead, dozens injured and hundreds of homes destroyed. Then, several more tornados struck parts of Oklahoma and Kansas this weekend, killing at least 2. Topping the week off was the monster twister that flattened the city of Moore and surrounding areas in Oklahoma, killing 24 people, including 9 children, and injuring about 240 people. The storm ran 17 miles and lasted 50 minutes before dying out. It damaged or destroyed around 13,000 homes and packed up to 600 times more energy than the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima during WWI. Causing an estimated $2 billion in damage already, it's proven to be the most expensive tornado in U.S. history.

CIGNA Agrees To Re-Review Denied Disability Claims From 2008-2010

The Commissioner of the California Department of Insurance recently announced that it has reached a settlement with the CIGNA Group regarding potentially wrongfully denied claims. The insurer has agreed to revisit denied long term disability applications from California residents that were filed between 2008 and 2010.

Insurance Coverage For Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Actress, humanitarian and mother, Angelina Jolie recently detailed her decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery in an op-ed in the New York Times. The reason cited for her decision was the result of a genetic test that revealed she carries the BRCA1 gene mutation that makes her five times more likely to develop breast cancer and 10 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer.

60 Percent Of NFL Disability Requests Denied By Board

A board jointly made up of NFL management and representatives from the players' union has amassed a 60 percent denial rate for disability claims. As many as 3,000 former players are in some kind of contested benefits case with the National Football League, mostly in workers' compensation cases.

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month... a month to show our love for disability insurance. To celebrate, I thought I'd join in and add my thoughts about why disability insurance is so important. As an insurance lawyer, who has handled tens of thousands of disability cases, I work with clients everyday who are wrongfully denied by disability insurance companies. Even though I help people across the nation fight for what they have paid for and legally deserve, I believe in disability insurance.

Disability Insurance For Student Athletes

Two college football standouts recently sought disability insurance against a the possibility of a career ending injury disabling them while still in college. One of them, Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, a Heisman Trophy winner, likely has a promising and potentially lucrative professional career ahead of him, but he's not forgetting about the day-to-day risks of playing the sport he loves until the big contract is (hopefully) signed.