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June 2013 Archives

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Bloodflow May Be At the Heart Of Fibromyalgia Pain

For those who have been told that the pain associated with fibromyalgia is all in your head, there's finally a study that rebuts the idea that the disease is psychosomatic (your brain telling you that you hurt) versus actually experiencing pain at the receptor point. Translation: it's not in your head. The pain is real and it may be caused by how blood flows to nerves in your skin.

Be Careful What You Post

Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media channels have become an evidentiary gold mine for impeaching witnesses and undermining an opponent's litigation position. While most people know it's a good idea not to post about drinking if you are in court for a DUI, using social media can cause problems during cases of long-term disability as well. A simple post about working in your garden when you claim you are unable to sit, bend, squat or kneel for long periods of time could mean the difference between having your claim paid and being denied disability coverage.

Were You Dropped By WellPoint Just When You Needed Coverage?

In 2008, the Los Angeles City Attorney brought suit against WellPoint Inc. and its subsidiaries Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Companyclaiming the insurance giant was wrongfully rescinding health insurance policies of its insureds. That lawsuit has now been settled for $6 million, although the insurer denies any wrongdoing, with proceeds to be split between the City of L.A. and the County of L.A.

Paid Time Off For Paternity Leave For Fathers

With father's day just two days away, now is the time to thank Dads across the country for everything they do to participate in the upbringing of children, from working long hours outside the home to working long hours inside the home as a stay-at-home dad.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Long Term Disability Insurance?

While we've all heard that it is important to plan and save for retirement, many of us may not have considered the likelihood that we won't be able to work until our planned retirement age because of a serious disability. According to the Social Security Administration, 30 percent of us are in trouble. Thirty percent of us are at risk of becoming totally disabled, unable to continue working, before we reach our planned age of retirement. Without long term disability insurance, retirement goals may be thrown entirely off course, despite a lifetime of careful planning.