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July 2013 Archives

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DOJ files suit in segregation of children

The U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against Florida over failure to provide adequate care to disabled children who wound up being wrongfully institutionalized in nursing home facilities. The complaint cites violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), in which the Justice Department said nearly 200 children with disabilities and significant medical needs were "unnecessarily segregated" in nursing homes for long-term care.

Settlement reached in California vs. Anthem Blue Cross

A settlement was reached in a California insurance lawsuit filed against Anthem Blue Cross, the Los Angeles City Attorney announced, alleging the insurance company illegally canceled coverage for more than 6,000 policyholders, denying them their individual disability claims and individual disability insurance policies.

Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Both disability and life insurance are pieces to comprehensive coverage for you and your family should a disabling event or a life-ending tragedy occur. What type of coverage and what amount of coverage is needed to protect your future is something you should discuss with an experienced disability attorney.

Avoiding Insurance Fraud Accusations As Simple As Telling The Truth?

A California man who worked for the U.S. Postal Service for seven years before becoming disabled was recently convicted of insurance fraud. He originally faced 19 criminal counts including submitting false documentation in support of his claim for disability benefits, but pleaded guilty to only one violation.

Partial Wages Or Salary For Workers Through Temporary Caregiver Insurance

Similar to California's Family Leave Insurance, Rhode Island legislators are paving the way for some short term disability insurance for workers in that state. Dubbed the Temporary Caregiver Insurance Bill, Rhode Island workers are a governor's signature away from improved job protections during periods of short term disability.