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August 2013 Archives

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Helicopter pilot sues for long-term benefits

The high road, or in this case, high flight taken toward group disability insurance went terribly wrong for a Tennessee helicopter pilot who thought the better of his substance abuse, and temporarily grounded his flying career to seek treatment.

Rate hikes cause carrier to reassess business

Another group disability insurance carrier, Genworth Financial, is reassessing its place in the market with an "intense, very broad, and deep review of all aspects of our long-term care insurance business," stated president and CEO Tom McInerney.

Chemical Dependency Or Drug Addiction Can Open The Door To Disability Benefits

Drug addiction is often seen as a self-imposed disability. It is the user's choice to continue abusing drugs to the point of disability and it is the user's choice when he or she wants to quit. Because of misconceptions and misunderstandings about drug abuse and recovery, the quest for disability benefits for chemical dependency can be a tough battle to fight.

Kaiser shunned by large California group customers

The bargain is gone, according to customers of Kaiser, one of the nation's largest group disability insurance providers as well as HMOs. Worse, the company is standing in the way of controlling healthcare costs by not negotiating rates or fully explaining why its premiums keep rising.

My Social Security Disability Claim Was Denied, Now What?

A denial of disability coverage is not the end of the Social Security Disability process. Even though it may be disheartening and frustrating to be denied needed coverage, the insurance company's first answer is not the final answer. You have the right to appeal the initial determination on your disability claim.

Falling TV's Increasingly Injuring Kids

Long gone are the days of box televisions and a strict one TV per household rule. Lightweight flat-screens are becoming the family room TV of choice and older flat-screens and box sets are being moved into bedrooms. In fact, the number of households with multiple TVs has more than doubled since 1990. The rise of the flat-screen TV has led to some unforeseen and little-talked-about accidents and injuries for our children.