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September 2013 Archives

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Recent College Grad? Don't Roll The Dice With Your Health Insurance

First and foremost, congratulations on finishing college! The world is, literally, at your doorstep. Of the many decisions you'll be making in the very near future, choosing proper health insurance coverage may be one of the most important.

California part-time workers to lose benefits

Recently some California retailers, such as Home Depot and Trader Joe's, have decided to no longer offer part-time employees health insurance as part of their employee benefits, opting instead to move them over to Obamacare. In a spearheaded effort by these companies, experts say more companies are sure to follow.

Local news helps with denied claim

As seen in many cities throughout the nation, even in regions within California, local news outlets with the power of print, photography and footage, can make the difference for individuals and families to help them obtain their right to a denied claim, regardless of what kind of claim it is, be it medical or any other sort of insurance claim.

Athletes: Stop A Hit To The Head From Being A Blow To Your Bank Account

"There are players who are 30 years old, have the rest of their lives ahead of them, are crippled with disability and the amount they made during one season in the NFL isn't going to touch the avalanche of medical expenses," explains Frank Darras.

Concussions, Cognitive Issues the NFL and NCAA

Last week's settlement between the NFL and former players and their families was $765M. Surprisingly, instead of the subject of concussions and football becoming moot, it's in the headlines and trending in social media and on newscasts nationwide.

Jail for Napa State Hospital patients who commit crimes

For now, Napa State Hospital patients who commit crimes while under hospital care will be forced to Napa County jail, according to officials. This comes in lieu of a Napa County bill that has stalled in the legislature which would have seen patients accused of a crime staying in the hospital.