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October 2013 Archives

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Group disability insurance should be more important than ever

Since many people and employers are paying close attention to the latest health insurance changes, there are other types of benefits currently being overlooked. For example, group disability insurance is one that employers and employees should consider more important than ever before.

Can I Get ST Or LT Disability Benefits After A Stroke?

The National Stroke Association encourages those who believe they or another are suffering stroke-like symptoms to act FAST in seeking medical treatment. For those who have been disabled by a stroke, you may be hoping that your insurance carrier will act with similar speed, but that may not be the case. Frank N. Darras, a disability insurance attorney with years of experience successfully fighting wrongful denials of valid disability claims offers several tips to those pursuing disability benefits after a stroke:

Virginia turning to private companies for insurance

For many companies and local governments, purchasing group disability insurance is one of the biggest decisions they will make in terms of benefits. This is an important choice as it goes a long way in providing employees with the coverage they need should they become disabled down the road.

Fire Prevention Awareness Month

October isn't just breast cancer awareness's also "Fire Prevention Awareness" month. If you're in Southern California, you know that it is still primetime wildfire season and it is important to exercise fire prevention awareness. It's also important to understand what to do after a fire has damaged your property. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies try to cut corners on fire insurance claims in an attempt to save money, especially after a busy wildfire season. Knowing how to file a claim and collect all the benefits of your homeowner insurance policy is the key to getting your life back in order after a fire.