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Pre-existing problem must substantially contribute to disability

Pre-existing problem must substantially contribute to disability.pngA disability insurance policy financially protects the policyholder by making wage replacement payments, usually at the level of two-thirds of earnings, if the person cannot work because of disability. Many disability policies have a pre-existing condition clause, which excludes coverage if the insured has been seen for a medical condition during a determined timeframe called the look-back period prior to the policy's effective date of coverage.

Do you need to check your math on car insurance? - III

All this week, our blog has been discussing the pitfalls of absentmindedness in relation to car insurance. Specifically, how consumers may be costing themselves hundreds of dollars per year by neglecting to pay any attention whatsoever to the actual amount of coverage for which they are paying or whether adjustments are in order.

ERISA provides protections related to disability benefits plans

Private employers' retirement plans in California and elsewhere are regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Although this law focuses mostly on retirement plans, it has provisions that affect disability insurance plans offered by private employers as well. Understanding the protections afforded by ERISA is important for protecting one's rights.