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Disabling Conditions: Getting The Coverage You Need

Do I need disability insurance coverage?



Answer this question: If an injury or medical condition left you unable to do your current job or earn a living in your chosen field, do you have a plan to keep a roof over your family’s head and ensure the bills continue to be paid?

If your answer to this question was “No,” you are far from alone. Millions of Americans live on the edge of financial problems due to a lack of disability coverage. The need for disability insurance is something that unites people across professions and classes, from people who earn a living through manual labor to medical professionals and even professional athletes.

What disabilities are covered?

This will depend on the specific policy under which you are covered. Disability insurance policies often fall into two categories: private policies purchased by individuals, and group disability or long-term disability coverage provided by employers.

Disability insurance can cover a wide array of disabling conditions, including:

  • Back, neck and spinal cord disabilities
  • Cardiac disabilities
  • Rheumatoid arthritis disabilities
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome disabilities
  • Chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia disabilities
  • Head injuries and brain damage-related disabilities
  • Mental and nervous disabilities
  • Substance abuse and addiction issues
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It’s crucial to realize that more than one disabling condition may be responsible for your need to seek disability benefits. In fact, it is often symptoms from multiple conditions that result in claims needing to be made. For example, an office worker may be able to persevere through a back injury, while the combination of that back injury and carpal tunnel syndrome could leave that individual unable to continue working.

These conditions are best presented to the insurance company together to demonstrate the totality of your condition and how it affects your ability to perform your essential job duties. This can be difficult to do, as insurance companies are highly skilled at looking for loopholes and exploiting any advantageous information they can find.

A lawyer well-versed in disability claims can help you avoid being exploited by the insurance company in your time of need.

Do I really need a lawyer?

A lawyer is not required, but we can confidently say that having one is in your best interest.

If you have questions about disabling conditions and your policy or are in a dispute with your insurer over a disability claim, you need an experienced disability attorney. Your instinct may be to handle this on your own, but it places you at a disadvantage. Insurance companies have a tremendous trove of resources devoted to denying claims and taking advantage of people in your position.

Seek the advice of a top-rated disability lawyer who understands the system and the obstacles facing individuals with disabling conditions. Whether you need a review of a policy before you make the final purchase, are filing initial claims paperwork or need to appeal a wrongfully denied claim, a knowledgeable attorney can help you.

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