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Does stigma of mental health problems keep some from help?

For someone to admit that they have a disease such as cancer or Parkinson’s, it is perhaps emotionally difficult. Still, reporting those health problems comes with less negative stigma attached to it than what comes with someone saying, “I suffer from depression.”

Mental health disorders are common; yet many who suffer from some sort of mental illness are not apt to admit it or get treatment for it. For some, it might be a cost issue. For some, however, what people might think likely stops them from addressing the serious health problem.

Sure, a disorder such as anxiety might not take a physical toll on a person like cancer does, but mental health problems shouldn’t be ignored. Issues like bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and more certainly have a daily effect on those who suffer from them. Sufferers will often feel physically ill and unable to complete tasks that others do with ease.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that depression is so common in the United States that antidepressants are the third most commonly prescribed medications. This point likely doesn’t even encompass how common mental disease actually is, since sources suggest that many men and women don’t seek help for their issues such as depression because they are ashamed.

There are various conditions that can keep a person from being able to perform certain daily functions and doing her job. Various types of mental health disorders can undoubtedly limit a person, leading her to seek the help from disability insurance. People are only going to seek that help if the stigma of mental illness stops and sufferers feel that they deserve help.

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