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Were You Denied LTD Benefits By Guardian Life Insurance?

Guardian Life is in the insurance business to make money, earning a net income of $271 million during 2013. While there is nothing wrong with running a successful business, some of these profits came at the expense of Guardian Life disability policyholders who were wrongfully denied benefits on their claim.

A delayed or denied claim for long term disability benefits by Guardian Life, or its subsidiary Berkshire Life, means that you aren’t getting the financial assistance you deserve when you need it most – after a disabling injury or illness has left you unable to work.

At DarrasLaw, our team of top-ranked disability professionals is here to help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve, anywhere in the United States. We have recovered nearly $1 billion on behalf of individuals just like you. When you are ready to tell Guardian enough is enough, we offer a free consultation to discuss your options. Call our law firm today at 800-458-4577 or contact us online.

Stop The Delay, Deny And Termination Games By Guardian

Guardian Life offers both group long term disability insurance policies as well as individual policies through Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America. Guardian’s long term disability insurance products are typically targeted toward professionals, including accountants, lawyers, doctors, corporate employees and government workers.

Whether you’ve chosen the insurer on your own as your individual disability insurance provider or are with them through an employer-provided group policy, you still have the right to be treated fairly and dealt with in good faith in when making a claim for benefits.

If you have had any of the following problems with your valid claim for disability benefits on a policy held with Guardian or Berkshire, we may be able to help:

  • A false assertion that your disabling condition was pre-existing and does not qualify for benefits under your policy
  • A failure by Guardian to follow the terms of its own plan when deciding your eligibility for disability benefits, changing the interpretation of an “own occupation” policy to an “any occupation” policy or using a vocational expert to find you a job that you actually cannot do
  • A persistent request for additional documentation, only to be told that the documentation supplied is incomplete or unsatisfactory
  • A refusal to supplement Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as required when the benefits promised by Guardian exceed those received from SSDI
  • A Guardian-hired doctor reviews your file and determines that you are not disabled and benefits were denied or talks to your doctor and determines that you are ready to return to work before that is actually possible
  • You were followed by a private investigator who took video of you that Guardian claims disproves your disability restrictions

If you are sent to a functional capacity exam (FCE) or independent medical exam (IME) by a doctor chosen by Guardian, you should seek assistance from an experienced, top-rated disability attorney first.

Because many long term disability policies issued by Guardian Life are through a group or employer-sponsored plan, your rights may be governed by ERISA. What this means to you is that there are specific time limits on filing an ERISA appeal after a denial of LTD benefits as well as deadlines for filing a lawsuit after an ERISA appeal denial. Do not wait to speak to a disability lawyer if you were denied deserved benefits by Guardian.

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We also offer free policy analysis for anyone considering taking out an individual or long-term disability insurance policy.

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