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RGIII injury a reminder of need for athlete disability insurance

Sports fans know that the physical abilities of professional athletes can seem superhuman, but the truth is that athletes who perform at the highest levels are still human beings with a high risk of suffering a disabling injury. With careers and family futures at stake, more and more athletes are taking out disability insurance to protect themselves and their families.

Nowhere is the need for athlete disability insurance more apparent than in the National Football League. A case in point is the recent devastating injury of the Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III. Fans know him as RGIII, and many of the people who were at the recent game with the Seattle Seahawks were in tears when they saw what happened to Griffin’s knee.

He was tackled by Seattle players, and his already-braced knee bent in such a terrifying way that silence fell over the 85,000 fans in attendance. It was later confirmed that Griffin will need surgery and months of rehabilitation, and it’s possible that he will even miss the whole NFL season next year.

Athlete disability insurance is far more common now than it was years ago, with even college athletes taking advantage of the “Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance Program.” That program lets certain student-athletes who expect a professional career to sign on for disability insurance. Future earnings valued up to $5 million can be covered if the athlete is disabled while still a student.

With so much money, time and effort riding on an athlete’s ability to play at the highest level, it’s no wonder professional players and even college students are trying to protect themselves and their families from future hardship.

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Source: Forbes, “RGIII’s Devastating Knee Injury Confirms Demand For Athlete Disability Insurance,” Jason Belzer, Jan. 9, 2013

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