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Athlete sets new kind of record: first NBA player with MS

For those who don’t know, MS is the abbreviation for multiple sclerosis. The symptoms of the disease vary for different MS sufferers, but the most serious cases of MS can lead to paralysis. Other common symptoms are poor coordination, loss of balance and more.

With that in mind, it might seem surprising that anyone could successfully play a sport while suffering from the disease. But NBA player Chris Wright is doing just that. He has returned to the court despite being diagnosed with MS and despite doctors’ warnings that he probably wouldn’t return to the NBA as a result of his disease.

So far, his return to the game is going well. Wright acknowledges that his return could be temporary. His MS symptoms could worsen, making it uncomfortable for him to play and, frankly, making him an undesirable player for teams to employ. There are insurance options that can help someone who is in a situation like Wright’s.

NBA players’ careers are already relatively short-lived. The physicality of the job limits its lifespan, and that is without the added trouble of an athlete playing with a disease like MS. Disability insurance can help players create a financially secure future for themselves should an illness or injury take them out of the game.

This week is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. The disease can truly be life-altering and certainly keep someone from performing his job. Awareness efforts regarding diseases like MS don’t have to just increase knowledge about the subject. They should also include the lesson that there are options out there for people who don’t want to live with the further debilitation of financial stress while suffering from a debilitating illness.

Our attorneys help all kinds of people from various professions with their disability insurance matters. We can handle NBA disability matters but also the insurance matters of lesser-known but still hard-working people who are interested in insuring their futures.

Source: Bleacher Reports, “Chris Wright Becomes First NBA Player Ever with Multiple Sclerosis,” Dan Favale, March 14, 2013

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